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Discover the power of BroadSoft BroadWorks.

Taking Your Unified Communications to the Cloud with BroadSoft BroadWorks

Implementing Unified Communications for most organisations can produce enormous benefits. However, the reality is that to be functional these systems are often incredibly complex. Organisations typically need to balance the need for advanced features and flexibility with the often prohibitive cost of obtaining them.

At Access4, we have certainly recognised this challenge. The solution is to share the cost of building a feature-rich Unified Communications and Contact Centre Solution. We’ve therefore invested significantly in developing a multi-tenanted BroadSoft BroadWorks platform so customers can access their needs in the cloud.

BroadWorks provides a leading global voice, contact centre and collaboration platform used by countless telecommunication companies around the world. The Access4 difference is that we’re not satisfied with merely being just another Telco product with fixed rules. Rather, we provide this flexible platform to our BroadSoft Partners to package customised solutions for their clients.

More than just a BroadSoft hosted PBX or VOIP phone system, Access4 delivers a comprehensive range of services to complement and support a BroadWorks platform. Furthermore, we have simplified design of your Unified Communications into:

  •  Select your User type; Office User, Executive User, or Collaboration User
  •  Select additional features; Call Queueing, Reception Console, IVR
  •  Select Contact Centre functionality, if needed
  •  Select your phone plan; choose from Pay per User or Pay per Cloud SIP Channel
  •  Select your connectivity; Private, Internet or Cloud Exchange

Access4 provides an end-to-end solution, so your IT services partner can access a more efficient solution saving time, money and lowering risk. Access4’s comprehensive range of solutions; including Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS), business phone systems, unified messaging, Contact Centre As A Service (CCaaS), Managed Data and Unified Communications Management, means that we can provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the BroadSoft platform to the customers’ phone on their desk.