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SASBOSS™ provisioning and support portal



The SASBOSS™ provisioning and support portal makes ordering and deploying solutions as easy as 1, 2, 3 – whether it be a simple Unified Communications user or an end to end solution including unified messaging, managed data and CCaaS. The result is seamless unified communications management and PBX management.

Key features include:

  • A comprehensive management dashboard outlining all Access4 services a channel partner has, the cost and sell rates, daily margin and call statistics including call types and rates
  • Streamlining customer installations with automated provisioning of UCaaS feature packs and IP handsets
  • Management of customers call features, like call forward, hunt groups, number hide, do not disturb etc. The ability to add and terminate users and rest passwords directly.
  • A complete view of VoIP, PSTN, NBN and Premium Direct in Dial (DiD) number inventories, by channel partner and their downstream customer enterprise
  • Enabling channel partners to define, provide and manage their own downstream customer call plans
  • Secure access for partners to related Call Detail Records (CDRs) in near real time and, if desired, in an existing partner’s billing platform to minimise bill shock
  • Legal, sales and marketing documents with contracts for partners and customers
  • A service management interface to log and track service requests and incidents.
Unified Communications Management

SASBOSS™ Billing is fully integrated with our BroadSoft BroadWorks powered UCaaS / CCaaS cloud communications platform and offers many advanced features for calling rate cards; retail and wholesale. When combined with UCaaS and SASBOSS™ Provisioning, SASBOSS™ Billing becomes a very powerful, intuitive telecommunication services and subscriber management platform with unlimited licenses and no artificial limitations.

As well as being a powerful rating and billing engine for Managed Voice, SASBOSS™ Billing can also be used for standard inventory items, Internet and Managed Data Services.

If partners have existing billing platforms, they can simply export from  SASSBOSS rated telecommunications invoices into existing billing and/or accounting platforms.

SASBOSS™ allows end-customer account GL codes to be associated with a service or suite of services, customer bills can be directly imported into their accounting systems and allocated to specific cost or profit centres, which saves considerable time and double-entry overheads.

Access4 sells competitively-priced, mainstream active network equipment, IP handsets, ATAs, network termination units, switching and routing equipment, and more. These can be bought for customer installations, as needed, and bundled with UCaaS, PSTN, NBN, network, internet or trunking services under an operational lease or rent model over a defined term (Opex) or simply added to your SASBOSS™ Provisioning System shopping cart for an outright purchase.